Bespoke Doors

Oversized doors

Today’s market is more demanding for oversized special doors. What exactly is understood as oversized door is:

  • Doortypes exceeding the maximum standard certified sizes.

Octopi Engineering has been successful in testing a large A60 fire door of size H4.2 x W3.3 Before this XL door test, large fireproof doors had been certified on a project by project basis as exceeding sizes were not physically tested. Certifications on project basis are expensive and time consuming however the approved XL door will make this redundant now!

Double and single hinged doors can also be provided with removable toppanels to lower the clear opening yet permit using full openings when required as these toppanels can easily be removed. All large doors will be standard provided with relevant lifting lugs.

For every project we undertake a solution wherein all technical requirements will be considered.

Windshielding doors

On offshore platforms the wind loadings reach high values and when the doors shall not be blast or fire rated, a windshielding door is suitable to operate under such conditions. The windshield doors are produced as a sliding or hinged doortypes and fully customized to our client’s request. By using heavy duty (stainless) steel materials, these quality doors contribute to life extension of offshore platforms.

Windshield DOor

Louvre Door

Double Hinged XL Door

Double Hinged Louvre Door

Double Hinged Door With Top Panels

Windshield DOOr

A solution for every project

Octopi Engineering can deliver a variety of solutions suitable to our client’s project requirements. With our client’s needs always at the centre of our business, we consider health and safety to be the spearhead when designing one of our products. Designed and engineered for long term durability our products are built to protect from a multitude of events. Octopi engineering is dedicated to providing a solution for each and every project condition imaginable.

Speak with us today for a no obligation quote and we shall accommodate to your requirements. Call us on +44 (0)141 582 1200 or email and let us find the best solution.