Single Hinged Doors

Ready-to-install single hinged doors

Our heavy duty single hinged fire and blast doors are available for all fire ratings in accordance with the IMO FTP code and SOLAS 74. All of our heavy duty single hinged have been extensively tested and approved by Lloyd’s Register, DNV-GL, ABS and USCG.

Fire rating A60 or H120 Jet fire resistant
Blast rating non-blast rated up to 2.5 bar blast resistant
Max. fire tested clear opening H2493 x W1500 mm larger sizes upon request
Sound insulation 36 dB 51 dB
Thermal insulation 0.5 W/m²K higher values upon request
Operation manually

At Octopi Engineering, our single hinged blast and fire doors are pre-assembled door units ready to install by bolting or welding for new build or upgrade/ overhaul projects. Each door unit includes standard heavy duty hardware:

  • stainless steel hinges
  • door handles
  • door-closer
  • multi-point latch system for manual door operation
  • Seal around the door frame ensures a weathertight fit for the entire unit.

A60 Fire Rated Single Hinged Door

Fire Rated Single Hinged Doors

H60 Single Hinged Door

Single Hinged A60 Door

Single Hinged Door with Panic Bar

Single Hinged Door

Single Hinged Fire Door

A solution for every project

Octopi Engineering can deliver a variety of solutions suitable to our client’s project requirements. With our client’s needs always at the centre of our business, we consider health and safety to be the spearhead when designing one of our products. Designed and engineered for long term durability our products are built to protect from a multitude of events. Octopi engineering is dedicated to providing a solution for each and every project condition imaginable.

Speak with us today for a no obligation quote and we shall accommodate to your requirements. Call us on +44 (0)141 582 1200 or email and let us find the best solution.