Marine Hatches


At Octopi Engineering, we specialise in the fabrication and distribution of Watertight Hatches within the Naval and shipbuilding industry to enable access to watertight compartments in ships, boats or other offshore environments.

If you need an escape hatch which provides watertight protection and a safe, quick escape route from any compartment, then then we can assist. Our escape hatches offer watertight integrity against a head of water applied from either side. The progressive closing action through the turning of the hand wheel, combined with an efficient, fully adjustable clamping mechanism ensures a water resistant seal with minimum effort. Or perhaps you require Toggle Clamps or Clip Handles with counterbalance arrangement to assist with opening and closing.

Quality and safety are of the most importance to us. All our products go through rigorous checks before being despatched and fully comply with international industry standards, LLOYDS, DNV, MED, USCG and also BV Certification. If you can’t see what you are looking for, let us at Octopi Engineering know as we can produce bespoke items catering to our clients specific needs.

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A solution for every project

Octopi Engineering can deliver a variety of solutions suitable to our client’s project requirements. With our client’s needs always at the centre of our business, we consider health and safety to be the spearhead when designing one of our products. Designed and engineered for long term durability our products are built to protect from a multitude of events. Octopi engineering is dedicated to providing a solution for each and every project condition imaginable.

Speak with us today for a no obligation quote and we shall accommodate to your requirements. Call us on +44 (0)141 582 1200 or email and let us find the best solution.