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The principal aim of the engineering team is to ensure the quality and build of all our products and specified materials surpass the rigorous climates they have to endure to meet client’s individual requirements. We manage the supply chain to maintain the standards we set in terms of product performance, quality and price point.
A key component of the supply chain management is our monthly measurement of the performance of all suppliers with all projects across the globe giving direct feedback to the company which allows us to keep performance standards high.
This will undoubtedly deliver benefits to our clients projects, not least our 5*approach to customer service.
We are constantly focusing on areas to improve processes and efficiencies and develop the skills of our people and teams via the appropriate levels of investment throughout 2018 and beyond.

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A60 Fire Blast Rated Double Hinged Door

A60 Fire Rated Single Hinged Door

A60 Fire Rated Sliding Door

A60 Hatch

A60 Sliding Door

B15 Door

Double Hinged Door with Top Panel

Double Hinged Door With Top Panels

Double Hinged Door

Double Hinged Fire Blast Door

Double Hinged Fire Door

Double Hinged XL Door

Double Leaf Hinged Door

Fire Rated Double Hinged Door.2

Fire Rated Double Hinged Door

Fire Rated Single Hinged Doors 1

Fire Windows

H0 Sliding Door

H60 Single Hinged-Door 1

H120 Sliding Fire-Door


Single Hinged A60 Door-1

Single Hinged Door with Panic Bar-1

Single Hinged Door-1

Single Hinged Fire Door-1


Sliding Door

Window Unit



A solution for every project

Octopi Engineering can deliver a variety of solutions suitable to our client’s project requirements. With our client’s needs always at the centre of our business, we consider health and safety to be the spearhead when designing one of our products. Designed and engineered for long term durability our products are built to protect from a multitude of events. Octopi engineering is dedicated to providing a solution for each and every project condition imaginable.

Speak with us today for a no obligation quote and we shall accommodate to your requirements. Call us on +44 (0)141 582 1200 or email sales@octopiengineering.com and let us find the best solution.