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Bespoke Design and Engineering Services

Through our activities within the company, Octopi Engineering offers a truly turnkey service, from detail design and fabrication, delivery and installation. Our understanding of the markets we operate in, our flexibility and responsiveness, together with the substantial experience and backing of clients, ideally places us to offer clients a unique and comprehensive service.

What sets us apart is our speed, flexibility and efficiency of delivery in conjunction with our ability to scale our services as your project’s needs develop further. While Octopi Engineering is a relatively a new player within the industry, we are providing bespoke fabricated items to the shipbuilding, oil and gas, marine and naval sectors. Formed primarily to compliment what we do, our company has enjoyed repeat business from clients as a result of this approach to a flexible delivery of services and Octopi Engineering will continue this trend in the marine fabrication and manufacturing markets as we grow.

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A solution for every project

Octopi Engineering can deliver a variety of solutions suitable to our client’s project requirements. With our client’s needs always at the centre of our business, we consider health and safety to be the spearhead when designing one of our products. Designed and engineered for long term durability our products are built to protect from a multitude of events. Octopi engineering is dedicated to providing a solution for each and every project condition imaginable.

Speak with us today for a no obligation quote and we shall accommodate to your requirements. Call us on +44 (0)141 582 1200 or email and let us find the best solution.